Icons of Upper church

First and foremost of the icons of the Upper Church are those upon the five rows of the iconostasis.  The archive photos of the iconostasis can be viewed here.  Out of 118 icons, 47 survived because they were kept in the State Museum of Religious History.  They are displayed in this museum to this day.  The disposition scheme of the icons in the iconostasis which survived can be viewed here.  The scheme of the survived icons can be viewed here.

Archive 1914. Photo of the original iconostasis of the Upper church of the Feodorovsky cathedral

The icons have been reconstructed since 2011 by artists of the St.Petersburg Icon workshop of St. John the Theologian, such as Alexander Stalnov, Kristina Prokhorova, Valentina Zhdanova, Ivan Kusov, and Elena Dorofeeva. Icons are being written through private donations. We encourage you to take part in raising funds for a specific icons.

The iconostasis of the Upper Church was recreated, and icons of the first (local) and second (festive) icon rows were painted.

The recreated iconostasis of the Upper church of the Feodorovsky cathedral. Icons of the first (local) and second(festive) rows were painted. In the place of the icons of the 3,4, and 5th rows are photocopies of the original icons on display in the State museum of Religious history

Photos of the icons. Presented icons, archive photos.