Restitution of the Feodorovsky cathedral to the Russian Orthodox church began in 1990. A temporary chapel was erected in 1992, near the cathedral, in order to reinitiate the life of the parish. The chapel, designed by the architect Georgy Alexandrovich Vasiliev, was built and followingly consecrated on March 28, 1998 as a chapel of The New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. The Patron festival of The New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia is celebrated on the first Sunday after February 6 (new style).

Archpriest Vladimir Sorokin initiated the building process and collected all the archive data connected with the new martyrs of the St. Petersburg diocese.

Archpriest Vladimir headed the commission of the canonization of the saints of the St. Petersburg diocese.

Interesting photos of the New Martyrs’ Chapel

Iconostasis of the chapel has 4 rows


Holy gates

Bas-relieves on walls

Five bells which weighing a total of 200 kilograms were molded in 2001 through the donations of the parish of the First Presbyterian church of Middletown, Ohio (USA). One of the 100 kilogram bells was molded in 2003 through the donation of Vladimir Hudyakov.

On March 28, 1998, the chapel of Holy Martyrs was consecrated, and regular services began right away. It is quite significant that the services ceased due to the end of the restoration works on the same day, 15 years later. Regular services in the Feodorovsky cathedral started on the patronal feast on March 27, 2003. Therefore the last “farewell” liturgy was held in the chapel of New Martyrs on March 31,2013. Photos of this service are here and here