Modern views of the Feodorovsky Cathedral

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The outward appearance ■ Imperial staircase and doors

LOWER CHURCH: Overview ■ Sanctuary ■  The northern apse ■ The southern apse (the deacon area) ■ Icons of the Savior and Mother of God ■ The font (baptistery) ■ The maze ■ fr. Zinon’s icons ■ Other icons ■ Front stairs

UPPER CHURCH: Overview ■ Icons

Chapel of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia


Parish life

1998-2010 (Picasa album)

2010-2012 (Picasa album)

Since 2013 (Flickr album)


Old/archive photos (1913-1914)

The Construction committee, construction works and sanctification of the cathedral ■ The outward appearance ■ Upper church ■ The doors ■ The bells ■ The church utensils ■ Other photos in photo album Picasa (old website)


The Board of Trustees and the official chronicle

The Board of Trustees’ sessions ■ Visits


Photos of the restoration

Photos of the restoration of 2006-2012 in details (Picasa album)