Architectural style and outward appearance


Architectural Style


Built in neo-Russian style by architect Stepan Krichinsky, the Feodorovsky Cathedral recalls famous examples of the Old Russian church architecture.  In its current form, as a whole structure and in details, one can recognize the churches and towers of old Russian cities: Rostov, Yuriev-Polski, Yaroslavl and Suzdal.


Cathedral of St.John the Theologian in Rostov

Other photos of the Feodorovsky cathedral’s prototypes and its elements:

1).Cathedral of St.John the Theologian in Rostov (photos of different years, photos taken by Ludmila Golubkova in 2013).

2).The ornament of the church wall in Yuriev-Polski 

The use of Old Russian designs in the architecture of the Cathedral combined with advanced construction technology from the early 20th century.

The cathedral stands on a firm and stable base, a solid concrete foundation slab. The main framework is comprised of four arches, made of reinforced concrete, which form the skeleton of the building. They support the central dome as well. These two pairs of arches intersect each other at the top and are clearly seen if one looks up at the dome of the upper Church inside the building. Being essential elements of construction, they create a surprisingly pleasing aesthetic impression.

Upper Church of the Feodorovsky Cathedral

Another stylistic feature of the decoration of the church is a multiple asymmetry. Each of the three towers located on the perimeter of the Cathedral is unique: the Northern East tower is octagonal with a bulbous copper dome; the Northern West tower is noticeably higher and wider with a square base and a four-sided tile roof; the Southern West tower is also square, but smaller with a more elongated peaked roof.

The northern facade of the Feodorovsky Cathedral including the towers (1914). One can see the Bell Tower of the right.

The outside walls of the Church are coated with white “staritsky stone” – limestone, decorated with a variety of carvings. One can see the mythical animals: Unicorn, Phoenix Bird, the two-headed eagle, the lion, the bird of paradise Sirin.

The rooftops of the Feodorovsky Cathedral are original as well, some partially coated with copper, others are covered with tiles of a deep emerald color. The architects of the Cathedral wanted to gild the domes a hundred years ago, but this plan was implemented only during the current restoration.