Educational work is one of the primary activities of the Feodorovsky Cathedral’s parish. Since the very first days, after the sanctification of the chapel in the name of New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, educational work got under way along with regular services. Catechism, core of the educational work, was expanded with lectures and meetings with noteworthy people.

Educational activities were in progress after the eviction of the dairy plaint from the very building of Feodorovsky cathedral as the parish took in a large number of buildings. The former dairy plant buildings were remodeled and started to accommodate lectures, concerts, conferences, studies and other types of educational work.

“Feodorovsky Educational Center” got its title after the beginning of restoration work when a new temporary building was erected on the territory of the cathedral. The hall and other rooms were adapted to accommodate educational meetings and lectures.

The temporary structure was dismantled due to the construction of a newly built Feodorovsky educational center. Various events take place in the chapel of New martyrs and confessors of Russia, temporarily.



Our parish has a tradition of organizing conferences which we call Feodorovsky forums. They are held twice a year: one in winter during the Christmas holidays, and once in summer, usually on June 12th. Everybody is invited to attend the conferences devoted to one particular philosophical and theological topic. Professors, priests and specialists in different fields of knowledge give presentations and speeches, debate with each other, and invite the audience to take part in the discussions. Feodorovsky forums always start after Liturgy and include a lunch break, a break for tea, lectures, round-table discussions, and Bible studies in smaller groups. Among other one-day conferences, Feoderovsky forums are unique because they provide a wide scope of views and opinions, and address the pressing issues of modern day Orthodox life.