Bell tower

Listen to the audio of the first bell ringing concert performed on the feast of the cathedral on March 27, 2011

Photos of the original bells 

Photos of the recreated bells

The Bell Tower of the Feodorovsky Cathedral made by Sergei Narchuk

The Bell Tower of the Feodorovsky Cathedral, designed in the style of 17th-century bell towers in Yaroslavl, is located opposite the west facade and is connected with the upper church by a covered passage.

Bell ringers on the Tower (1914)

The main treasure of the belfry was, of course, the bells “Romanovsky ringing”.  Nine of the eleven bells were personalized: they were cast in memory of the first of Romanov Tsar and in honor of the members of the Royal family living at the time of consecration. The bells were adorned with their embossed portraits, icons of their heavenly patrons’ images of coats of arms of Russian towns. They were cast at the bell plant in Yaroslavl. The total weight of the bells was about 17 tons.

Photos of the original bells

History of the creation of the original bells 

We don’t know anything about the fate of the bells of the Feodorovsky Cathedral. We assume that they were simply broken and probably remolded for other needs. A small fragment of a bell found in during restoration proves this hypothesis.

Fragment of the bell “Tatiana” found on the floor of the LowerChurch during restoration works in summer of 2009

Today the “Romanovsky ringing” again sounds like a hundred years ago: all bells have been recreated to match their originals.