Catechism courses annual plan “From Easter to Easter”


The plan is corrected annually due to the changes in the church calendar

1. Salvation and liberation are a great gift of the Living God. Old Testament Easter: Exodus of Israel to Egypt. Prayer in the cathedral before the beginning of the course.

Homework for the course: reading of Genesis, Exodus, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

2. God’s people and divine services. Vesper service in the cathedral with commentaries.

3.The Bible teaching about the world (cosmology)

4.The Bible teaching about a man (anthropology)

5.The Bible ethics. Idea of sin and righteousness. God’s law.

6.The Ten commandments.

Homework: to learn the ten commandments by heart.

7.Afflatus and the knowledge of God. Sacred tradition and sacred writings.Prophets

8.What is a prayer?

9.Repentance in the New Testament.

Homework: to read at least one of the books of the prophets

10.The Bible teaching about the Church (ecclesiology)

11.Old Testament messianic prophecies and expectations

12. New Testament’s Epiphany. Christmas: theology and divine service.

13.The good news of Jesus: words (parables, teachings, prophecies, debates with people)and works (signs)

14.New Covenant. Foundation of Eucharist. Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Homework: to read the book of Acts

15.Pentecost and the beginning of the Church. The first sermon about Jesus and the original church.

16.Apostle Paul. The church of pagans. The law and the grace.

17.Church of apostles and martyrs. Christian Oecumena.

18.The oecumenical councils.

19. Study of the Nicene-Constantinople creed.

20.Introduction to the church teaching about sacraments. Preparation for the sacrament of baptism.

Homework: to read the Gospel of John

21.The Holy Week, Easter and Easter week. Confessions, communion and church life.

Palm Sunday

The Holy Week

Baptism Liturgy

Easter and Easter week

On the Easter week meetings are held on a daily basis and include Proskomidia, Liturgy and “introduction to the sacraments” discussion about Eucharist, the Holy Trinity, the Gospel of John and the sacraments of the Church.